Three Thousand Birthdays from "Essential Ohsawa"

I used to be very strict in my adherence to macrobiotic principles and George would look at me and say, “Very bad.” Then my wife would go and give him a big hug and a kiss and a big smile. He would look at her hands and eyes and say, “Very good.” I could not understand this when I knew she was not at all strict.
 One day, I asked Ohsawa why and he said, “She is a very happy and outgoing person and that is very good no matter what she eats. Very strict and serious people will soon fail, and in fact have already failed if they are not enjoying life more each day.” On Ohsawa’s birthday, he sent us a card from Italy that read, “I have three thousand birthdays every day because to me each breath is like a new birthday.”
 One day, someone said, “This life is not important because when you die, you progress to a higher plane.” George replied, “You only get one body—take care of it and enjoy every minute of your life. Be grateful for every breath you take. Then you will know true happiness.”
Dick Smith, Retired from Chico-San, Inc. from “Essential Ohsawa”


George Ohsawa departs Japan on his way to India with his wife, Lima, October 1953.

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