Awakening Kundalini Lawrence Edwards

“This book is the work of a man who is devoted to the wisdom and transformative power of the divine feminine. It is immeasurably helpful to have a clear framework to understand the gift of the extraordinary consciousness beyond our usual body-mind perspective. Understanding the creative process of Shakti’s unfolding in the evolution of our Self is a much-needed perspective in interpreting the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that can arise in us—whether or not we are actively seeking to cultivate the vital flow of Kundalini. Dr. Edwards provides detailed guidance for exploring meditative techniques and other tools to work with this ancient tradition in our everyday lives. Further, he provides a balanced treatment of the psychological process encountered in inner work, including the healthful role of the ego mind and working with our shadow in the process of Kundalini awakening—essential but often neglected topics in spiritual guidance. This is an inspiring reference manual…”
Mary B. O’Malley, MD, PHD


“Lawrence Edwards has given us a detailed, compassionate, and brilliantly clear guide to the greatest mystery and greatest revelation of our existence. It tells the story of his call to the profound process of awakening known in the yogic tradition as Kundalini, through his early visionary experiences, his meeting with his Indian teacher, Swami Muktananda, and how his life unfolded from that fortuitous meeting. Drawing on the rich legacy of numerous traditions—Jungian, Western psychology, scientific research, traditional yogic and mystical ones—this book is an aid in taking us beyond the confines of the delusionary certainties of our ego mind toward the experience of the deepest ground of our own being…”
Anne Baring

This book is focused on helping your ordinary mind, with its constructed sense of self, begin to unfold, or further unfold, the power of Kundalini within you. This book is also a tool to help you appreciate the magnificent workings of Kundalini: how She creates and sustains the universe, how She creates bondage and dissolves it in radical freedom, awakening us to our unbroken unity with all beings and all creation.
 People new to Kundalini will find maps for getting oriented to her domain and instructions on some of the trails to follow and some to avoid. People already experienced in the ways of Kundalini may find valuable insights and ways of communicating about Kundalini that help others appreciate what you are experiencing. The focus of this book is on understanding the breadth and depth of Kundalini’s dynamic processes and on developing practical, grounded ways of cultivating the disciplines of body and mind necessary to strengthen the channels for the potent energies released by Kundalini to flow through.
 To support the mind’s deepening understanding of Kundalini, we will look at the variety of ways in which She awakens and many of the characteristic types of experiences that people go through both in the awakening and unfolding phases of Kundalini’s movements. We’ll also look at the kinds of practices and attitudes we can cultivate to allow the transformative processes of Kundalini awakening to unfold as gracefully as possible. […]
 In writing about Kundalini, I’ll also draw on my personal experiences of Kundalini awakening and unfolding, and my studies with masters from yogic, Buddhist, Jungian, and shamanic traditions, as well as what I’ve learned from the many people who have sought me out to support them in their Kundalini processes. They have given me the privilege of seeing the deep workings of Kundalini’s grace and revelation in manifold ways.
 I refer to Kundalini as “She” or as “Her” for two reasons: In the yogic tradition this power is known as the feminine face of the Divine, a form of the Great Goddess. Secondly, like countless other seekers, I’ve been given direct experiences of her Divine Feminine forms, including her living presence, which is right here, right now.
 Having an interest in Kundalini, seeking to learn more about Kundalini, and seeking to experience for yourself her immense powerl.edwards are already signs of her grace calling you home to your divine nature. May this book and all you encounter through it serve to bring you closer to radical freedom, to the boundlessly loving, compassionate, joyous and creative state of who you truly are.
Lawrence Edwards

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