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Silva rerum (from Latin silva rerum — forest of things), sometimes described as a home chronicle was a specific type of a book, a chronicle, kept by many Polish writers from the 16th through 18th centuries.
 It contained various information: diary-type entries on current events, memoirs, letters, political speeches, copies of legal documents, gossips, jokes and anecdotes, financial documents, economic information (price of grain, etc.), philosophical musings, poems, genealogical trees, advice (agricultural, medical, moral) for the descendants and others – the wealth of information in silva is staggering, they contain anything that their authors wished to record for future generations). Some silvae rerum were of truly enormous proportions; they were not intended for a wider audience of printing (although there were a few exceptions); some were also lent to friends of the family, who were allowed to add their comments to them.
 In modern Poland, a type of postmodern literature tries to recreate the feeling of silva in their works (from wikipedia).

My name is Ben but “I prefer be called Nobody” :-) I am forty years old and I am a permaculture designer.
 I have studied philosophy at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland and finished it with master degree in existentialism. After that I have done PhD research in gnostic threads in the Russian philosophical mysticism (which thrived in Russia before The Red Revolution).
 …in the meantime I have worked, I was a journalist and writer.
 Seven years ago, disappointed with the theoretical-academical philosophy, and writing too, I left Poland.
 In Italy (in Genoa) I have started simple life, I have worked like a builder, and gardener. It was in accordance with Taoist philosophy I have started to practice in that time: the Old Fellow Lao Tzu has helped me to discover the wu wei principle.
 Ten years ago I have started practicing yoga. During the last five years it was intensive practice of macrobiotic and permaculture too (I think these disciplines goes together). I like cyckling and walking. I have been three times to Compostela, I can say I am a pilgrim -.- …and I am a sandal-wearer :-)
 Beside my philosophical and “do nothing” inclination I am a modest webmaster. You can see other sites made by me here.
 In present moment I am.

This site is my private archive kept open for viewers and their comments in the form of silva rerum revitalize in the net age.

ben amin lazar