Sylvester Graham from "Vegetarianism: A History"

Sylvester Graham (1794-1851), who was an earnest advocate of the health regimen (similar to the Alcott House routine) of temperance and vegetarianism. He was a major force of the times. He was ordained a minister in 1826 and lectured widely on his subjects with particular emphasis on the use of wholemeal wheat flour in bread and baking. His health plan was Spartan – hard mattresses and cold showers and a vegetarian diet with home-baked bread. Graham was a believer in consuming as great a proportion of`raw’ food as possible. His theory was that we should eat what Adam and Eve ate before the Fall. Great emphasis, therefore, was placed on berries, nuts, seeds and fruit. He maintained that to give the best health food should be uncooked, undressed, unprocessed and unrefined. It is astonishing that Graham’s imprint in wholemeal flours and breads is so clearly seen still today in bakers’ and health food shops throughout the country 1)↓.
from “Vegetarianism: A History” by Colin Spencer


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1. and that in the USA wholemeal flour is referred to still as Graham flour… [w Polsce chleb z ciemnej mąki też ciągle nazywany jest grahamem…- przyp – Amin]

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