banana tree Laura Romano

…after a while, he said, “You know, we should learn more from nature; nature is full of teachings. Every plant, for example, has a message for us, and one of the most important for human life is that of the banana tree. Do you know what the teaching of the banana tree is?”
 I talked about the strength of the big, flexible leaves that allow themselves to be blown about in the wind, of the solidity of its trunk, full of water, and of the sweet generosity of the fruit.
 ”Yes, that too” he said. “But above all the banana is a plant you can cut at the roots a hundred times and it will always grow back – in sunlight or in shade, in whatever soil, until it has produced its fruit at least once. Only after that, if you cut it again, then it will not grow back and will die.”
Laura Romano Sumarah – Spiritual Wisdom from Javall>


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