Kali, the Great Mother Goddess of the Hindu tradition, is the Source, the One that gives birth to all. Known as a slayer of demons, She destroys the army of mind-born delusions symbolized by demons that separate us from the Divine as our own true Self. Into our bound, limited, and contracted ego identities, She may strike terror, at times appearing as a coal-black, sword-wielding, bloodsmeared dancer of death and destruction.


Kali is Shakti, spouse of Shiva. Shakti took the form of Kali 1)↓ when a horrific demon named Raktabija (“blood seed”) was threatening to destroy the world. The demon won a boon from Lord Brahma that made him invincible by turning every drop of his blood spilled into ten thousand Raktabijas as soon as the drop of blood hit the ground. Wounding him only produced countless more demons. The gods went to Shiva for help, but he was immersed in his transcendent state and unavailable! His inseparable consort Shakti, ultimate power of the universe, answered their pleas for help and took the form of Kali. Kali went after Raktabija and all his clones, cut off their heads, and drank their blood before it could touch the ground. She vanquished them all, but then continued dancing her mad dance of destruction, destroying the bound forms of many non-demons. The gods went to Shiva to get him to stop her dance. He lay down beneath her feet, absorbing the power of her pounding steps as though they were mere love taps. She dropped her Kali form and revealed her exquisite nature as Shakti, adored by Shiva…
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1. Kundalini is one of the great archetypal forms of the magnificent Goddess Kali


Kundalini is a Sanskrit yogic term for the unimpeded power of wisdom, transformation, and revelation inherent to us all. It is the power of universal, unbounded Consciousness as the potential for the individual to know all that lies beyond the confines of the mind and body while discovering a new vision of the mind and body revealing hidden dimensions with unimagined clarity.

 The term Kundalini translates quite literally as “the coiled one” and symbolically points to our innate potential power of consciousness, which is represented by a coiled spring or a snake, ready to be unleashed. The unfurling of Kundalini’s power occurs through the process of Kundalini awakening, which releases the power of Infinite Consciousness to impact the mind and body in countless transformative ways. It unleashes the power and potential of your mind and body to function at their very best. More importantly, from a yogic perspective, this power, your power, opens experiences of boundless love, compassion, wisdom, and grace. Ultimately Kundalini brings you to the highest state of consciousness possible. […]


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Kundalini is given different names in different spiritual traditions — Holy Spirit, Chi, Sophia, N’um, Saraswati, Tara, Prajnaparamita, bodhicitta, and many more — but the power of grace, revelation, and transformation to which these terms point is one and the same. Each language has its name for gold, but gold is always the same substance. All spiritual traditions speak of the power beyond the mind that draws one through the profound process of transformation and revelation to the very source of the highest wisdom and boundless love. That power, in the yogic tradition, is known as Kundalini.

In the yogic tradition, Kundalini is described as “ever new”.

From the most expansive perspective of the macrocosm, Kundalini is Shakti, the infinite power of Consciousness that creates the entire universe and everything within it. From an interior, microcosmic perspective, Kundalini creates the universe of body and mind, every cell and every thought, while holding the potential power to directly know what is completely beyond the mind, beyond words, beyond even the imagination. […]
 Kundalini is the power of transformation through illumination, revelation, and energetic re-creation of the mind-body vehicle. It is the motive power of every mystical/spiritual tradition, though each calls it by a different name.
Lawrence Edwards, PhD, from „Awakening Kundalini”

She is the eternal dancer beckoning us to awaken to the boundless delight of her dance.

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