The Flight of the Eagle Jiddu Krishnamurti

The beauty of freedom is that you do not leave a mark. The eagle in its flight does not leave a mark…

…to seek for wider, deeper, transcendental experience, is a form of escape from the actual reality of `what is,’ which is ourselves, our own conditioned mind. A mind that is extraordinarily awake, intelligent, free, why should it need, why should it have, any `experience’ at all? Light is light, it does not ask for more light. The desire for more `experience’ is escape from the actual, the `what is’.

Life is a movement, a constant movement in relationship; and thought, trying to capture that movement in terms of the past, as memory, is afraid of life.

Questioner: Sir what do you want us people here on this world to do?
Krishnamurti: Very simple sir: I don’t want anything. That’s first. Second: live, live in this world. This world is so marvellously beautiful. It is our world, our earth to live upon, but we do not live, we are frightened, we are narrow, we are separate, we are anxious, we are frightened human beings, and therefore we do not live, we have no relationship, we are isolated despairing human beings, and therefore we do not know what it means to live in that ecstatic, blissful sense.

If one does completely put aside every form of belief, then there is no fear whatsoever 1)↓.

Sir,it’s one of the most difficult things to be sane in this abnormal, insane world. Sanity implies having no illusion, no image at all about oneself or about another.

There is no time if there is no thought. Thinking about that which happened yesterday, being afraid that it may happen again tomorrow – this is what brings about time as well as fear.

The idea of tomorrow, the future is – is it not? – the cause of not seeing things very clearly as they are now – `I hope to see them more clearly tomorrow’.

Meditation is the way of life, every day – only then, that which is imperishable, which has no time, can come into being.

If you have not actually laid the foundation, you can play with meditation but that has no meaning – it is like those people who go out to the East, go to some master who will tell them how to sit, how to breathe, what to do, this or that, and who come back and write a book, which is all sheer nonsense 2)↓. One has to be a teacher to oneself and a disciple of oneself, there is no authority, there is only understanding.


Do you remember the story of a master speaking to his disciples every morning? One day he gets onto the rostrum and a little bird comes and sits on the window-sill and begins to sing and the master lets it sing. After it has been singing for a while it flies away. And the master says to the disciples, ‚This morning’s sermon is over.’

Discover as you go along. In this there is greater creativeness than in painting, writing a book, going on the stage and making a monkey of oneself. There is greater – if I can use the word – excitement, a greater sense of… […] We are asking whether you and I can take a journey inwardly, not knowing a thing and discovering as we go along, one’s sexual appetites, one’s cravings, intentions. It is a tremendous adventure, much greater than going to the moon. […] If you know where you are going you will never penetrate into the unknown; and therefore you will never be the real person who discovers what is the eternal.

So when I understand that, very clearly, the mind becomes quiet. Because Life is a movement, a constant movement in relationship; and thought, trying to capture that movement in terms of the past, is afraid of life.

…there are those who practice ‚awareness.’ Can you practice awareness? – if you are `practicing’ awareness, then you are all the time being inattentive. So, be aware of inattention, not practice how to be attentive; if you are aware of your inattention, out of that awareness there is attention, you do not have to practice it. Do please understand this, it is so clear and so simple. You do not have to go to Burma, China, India, places which are romantic but not factual. I remember once travelling in a car, in India, with a group of people. I was sitting in front with the driver, there were three behind who were talking about awareness, wanting to discuss with me what awareness is. The car was going very fast. A goat was in the road and the driver did not pay much attention and ran over the poor animal. The gentlemen behind were discussing what is awareness; they never knew what had happened! You laugh; but that is what we are all doing, we are intellectually concerned with the idea of awareness, the verbal, dialectical investigation of opinion, yet not actually aware of what is taking place.

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