vital energy Michio Kushi

Human beings, the culmination of billions of years of natural evolution, are formed from the dynamic interaction of heaven’s and earth’s forces. The ovum, or egg, in a woman forms as a result of the inward spiral motion of follicles in the ovaries, while the sperm in a man is due to the outward differentiation of reproductive cells. These processes are, respectively, yang and yin; fusing, they create new life.

fertilizingsperm fertilizing an human egg

In the womb, the embryo constantly receives heaven’s centripetal force, spiraling counterclockwise through the center of the hair spiral on the mother’s head, and earth’s centrifugal force, spiraling up clockwise through the mother’s uterus. Both energies charge the developing baby from above and below, generating forces of vital electromagnetic energy. Traditionally, this ki in Japan, chi in China, prana in India, ruach in Israel, and the Holy Spirit among early Christians. The union of heaven’s and earth’s forces in the womb creates the fetus’s physical, mental, and spiritual constitution. From a single fertilized cell, a complex new being is born with trillions of cells arranged according to a blueprint drawn up by evolution.
Michio Kushi form „The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health”

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